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We are pleased to present to the UK paper industry a wide range of unique products, designed and developed in Finland together with the paper industry.

We provide novel products to optimize the papermaking process since 2000 in Scandinavia and 2015 in the UK – world-leading technology and service solutions from Finland.

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Software tools to boost mill energy consumption ,

raw material efficiency product quality and

process performance.


Frontway PaperFront® Software 


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Pixact Stock Monitoring On-line dirt monitoring and analyzing

Pixact Stock Monitoring On-line dirt monitoring and analyzing

Enables contaminant analysis management and optimization to a new level.

Visilab, MK 30 portable moisture meter for thick materials

Visilab, MK 30 portable moisture meter for thick materials NEW

The MK30 is a brand new moisture meter that can measure up to a depth of 30 mm – pulp, cardboards, black papers.

Visilab, AK30 portable moisture meter, paper

Visilab, AK30 portable moisture meter, paper

The AK 30 is the only portable moisture meter designed specifically for the paper industry in the world.

About 150 microns.

All paper grades.

Manufactured and developed by Visalab.


  • Accuracy: 0.1-03 %

  • Can be measured directly from the paper web

  • Also measures profile

RollResearch International Ltd.

RollResearch International Ltd.

The world's leading modernizer of measuring equipment and systems for roll grinders.

The 3-4D point measurement technology also achieves high paper quality.

A fully automatic grinding and measuring technology developed by RollResearch has also revolutionized grinding performance.

Almost all Scandinavian factories that still have a roller grinder have RRI equipment.

Including Valmet and Voith.

RRI is also able to perform all sorts of modifications and technical overhaul with different types of roll grinders.

Sansox optimised solutions for water treatment oxtube


New Technology for Effective Waste Water Treatment

  • Fastest way to dissolve gas into liquid

  • High dissolving of gas into liquid

  • Effective mixing

Sensorik, SensoWeb Moist


Sensorik, SensoWebMoist on-line moisture

Measurement for difficult positions

Moisture Sensor "Sensorik, SensoWeb Moist" Sensor allows earliest possible moisture measurements starting right after the Forming-Section, all the way down to the Reeler, in harsh and polluted environment.

Sensorik, SensoWeb Moist

With "SensoWeb Moist" Sensorik Austria offers an inline fibre optic moisture measurement device for rough industrial applications, which can be installed nearly everywhere along a paper mill.


The sensor integrates the long-term experience of the company in fibre optic technology and electronic.


Technically spoken SensoWeb "Moist" is a multi spectral NIR (near infrared) sensor, working in the NIR range of 1100 to 2000 nm.


A few examples of rough locations



Tail Threading Press Section Size Press


Moisture measurements on Tissue machines will improve:

measuring points on Shoe Press at DCT Machine

Possible location of measuring points onShoe Press at DCT Machine

  • Increasing production

  • Optimizing dryness before Yankee dryer

  • Reduce drying-energy

  • Improve runnability

  • Reduce sheet-breaks

graaffinen elementti

Frontway PaperFront® Software

It's an energy-oriented and block-based simulation software developed for complete production-analysis, focusing on the pulp -and paper industry.

The software is uniquely designed for complicated production processes.

Option AI module.

  • aoption AI
  • optionAI

Why: FrontWay has more than 50 years of experience in producing an economical, simple and very useful software tool to boost mill energy consumption , raw material efficiency, product quality and process performance.

Used daily even by the biggest companies

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