Nipman sells and promotes technically superior products for paper quality management and optimization of paper manufacturing processes in Scandinavia, Finland, UK and DACH Area. We have been serving our customers and selling our products since 2000.

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Nipman in ageement with FrontWay Sweden to sell PaperFront Software in Northern Europe.


New order for Sensorik, SensoWeb Moist, Glatfelter Gernsbach.


New order for FrontWay, MConsult Germany.


New Order for Visilab MK 30 portable Moisture meter Meyer & Melnhof Gernsbach, Germany.

Nipman Pappersteknologi - Skandinavien

Nipman är en agenturverksamhet som sedan år 2000 representerar företag med gedigen kunskap om kvalitetskontroll och processoptimering av papper tillverknings processen på den Skandinaviska marknaden.

​Försäljning och marknadsföring av överlägsna instrument och lösningar till papper, kartong-, stål-, plast- och konverteringsindustrin i Skandinavien, Storbritannien och Tyskland.

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Nipman Paper Technology - UK

Nipman is a sales agency representing companies with unique machinery and service solutions for paper machine optimisation in Scandinavia since year 2000 - UK 2015 and DACH Area since 2016.

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Nipman North - DACH Area

Nipman vertreibt für die Papierindustrie entwickelte, hochwertige und zum Teil einzigartige, Instrumente und Lösungen zur Optimierung von Produtktionsprozessen und verbesserter Produktqualität.

In Skandinavien arbeitet Nipman seit 2000. Nipman North ist hauptsächlich für die D-A-CH Region zuständig.

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Nipman SUOMI

Nipman on myynyt ja markkinoinut teknisesti ylivoimaisia tuotteita paperin laadun hallinnassa sekä paperin valmistusprosessin optimoinnissa Skandinaviassa, Saksassa ja UK:ssa jo vuodesta 2000 alkaen.

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FrontWay and Nipman sign collaboration agreement

FrontWay logo

An Agreement between Swedish Company FrontWay and Finnish Company Nipman has been signed in May of 2022
in Norrköping. The intent of the agreement is for Nipman to sell the FrontWay software concept: PaperFront® software
in the markets Nipman is active with sales of superior measuring instruments and new technology and solutions to paper industry.
Mainly DACH Area, UK, Finland and Scandinavia.


Please see more information on the PDF.

FrontWay has more than 50 years of experience in building simulation models for customers. FrontWay is able to deliver and is a major player
within development and use of simulation software in Europe, for the pulp and paper industry. FrontWay can deliver all over the mill,
from raw material income to finished goods. There are no limitations when it comes to components, energy or chemical reactions.
We have built models and developed solutions for chemical pulping, TMP, Waste Paper, Board Machines, Paper Machine and Tissue.
Some customers include Valmet, Voith and Kadant.


Please see enclosed the PDF document.



Sensorik Austria GmbH, has since over 35 years focused on producing high-quality photo-sensors and NIR multi spectral sensors for the Pulp & Paper Industry. Sheet-break detectors and NON-Contact Moisture Sensor "SensoWeb Moist" for tough conditions.


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