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Microperm® On-line Prosity Analyzer

The Nr Fixed point OPA in the World

More than 200 Systems delivered since 1978.

Totally modernitzed in year 2000 to be able to measure even wider porosity range

Manufactured and serviced by AVATRON SYSTEMS OY / LTD, Finland

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Unique head design

Airtight sealed measuring area

Dual vacuum system


Non - marking ceramic construction

Self - cleaning

Fast and accurate vacuum control

Measures most materials

Type of material:

All types of paper
Nonwoven, Glass fiber, Filter material

Service of old Microperms

Reliable measuring technology with repeatability
Mechanical and electrical upgrades since mid-2000 Measures porous and dense material

AvatronSystems makes upgrades and maintenance for older Microperms

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Some fresh references

Microperm is used by well known paper manufacturers around the Globe.

More than 20 deliveries around the world in 2019-2020.

And older


We have 3 AvatronSystems

Microperm® On-line porosity meters

at our mill in Billingsfors, Sweden and are very satisfied

Stefan Skarström Production Manager

Status 2021

Microperm versus Lab

Microperm was designed and developed by NOKIA corporation to be able to measure cigarette paper.

It was totally modernitsed by Avantron Ltd.

Today owned by AvatronSystems in Finland.

It is rekognised to be the most simple, reliable and

most cost effective fixed point on-line porosity analyzer ever designed.

Microperm will deliver a repeatable and exact information of the variation of porosity to QCS and DCS linked to any laboratory method used.

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Microperm versus Lab


Porosity variations inside jumbo reel will remain unknown

One hour on-line production